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1st - 5th Place (5)

Each team member chooses one: Apple Watch, Oculus Rift, Xbox One, Playstation 4, 4k Monitor, DJI or Parrot Drone, iPad, Moto 360

6th - 11th Place (6)

Pebble for each team member

Interactive Intelligence - Best Use of Interactive API

$500 for each team member

Apple - Best iOS App

iPad Mini for each team member (4)

Paypal - Best use of Paypal, Venmo, or Braintree

$1000 worth of Legos

Qualcomm - Best Use of Vuforia (2)

Qualcomm DragonBoard for each team member

ExactTarget - Best social mashup

Pebble watches for each team member

MongoDB - Best Use of MongoDB

MongoDB Swag + Amazon Gift Card for each team member

Bloomberg - Most innovative use of Bloomberg API (2)

Choice of Beats headphones or mechanical keyboards (1 per hacker)

Namecheap - Most Awesome Domain Registration

$250 of Namecheap credit

Walmart - best.Mobile(Retail, "Big Data”).idea();

$100 gift card for each team member

Dunnhumby - Hack for health (2)

$100 gift card for each team member

Twilio - best use of Twilio API

Custom bobble-heads for team members

Pebble - Best Pebble Hack

Pebble Steel watches for each team member

Booz Allen Hamilton

Beaglebone Black Starter Kit + a license for ‘Explore Data Science’ (https://exploredatascience.com) for each team member.

Best Badge Hack

One HackRF module per team member!

Apple - Apple TV

Apple TVs for team members

Apple - Pebbles

Pebbles for each team member

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Teams must consist of 4 or fewer members. Only teams that were admitted to BoilerMake and are physically present at the event will be judged.


Submit a description of your hack along with screenshots or pictures. Also include a link to the project, if applicable.


Jonas Lamis

Jonas Lamis
Sensai Corporation

Arthur Nisnevich

Arthur Nisnevich

Daniel Palacio

Daniel Palacio
Authy Inc.

Holly Chan

Holly Chan
Designer, Purdue University

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Technical Difficulty
  • Usefulness
  • Polish

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